Have you ever noticed the reoccurring challenges and situations that you encounter within your personal and professional life? Without an understanding of why these types of situations are happening, we are unable to remove them. This brings in unwanted feelings of stress, pain, guilt, addictions, illnesses and more. This lack of self-knowledge brings our lives and health to a stagnant state. However, when we are able to understand why we have brought these situations in, we are able to remove them. This in turn, stops the cycle in its tracks, bringing a noticeable and immediate improvement into our lives. Take yourself on an exciting adventure of self-discovery. With a fresh and innovative approach to the self-development industry, I can assist you in removing these behaviors and challenges. On this empowering journey, you will learn a fun and new way to understand your life as it is now. The self-knowledge that you gain will bring in positive and permanent changes, increase your overall self-esteem, discard limiting beliefs and challenges, improve relationships, bring a healthy balance to your personal and professional life, and create an overall increase in your level of happiness and satisfaction.

Some examples of the behaviors I have worked on are; Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Addictions, Self Harm, Abusive Relationships, Creative Blocks, Workaholism, Unhealthy Work Environments, Control Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Fears, Suppression, and other limiting behaviors. I have personally experienced and learned how to move beyond my own challenging situations and transform my illnesses through the help of Veronica Leigh and Mia Mawdsley of The MawdsLeigh Difference. With this knowledge, I am able to identify the root causes of these challenges and work with you to surpass them as well. Start to unleash your true potential today and begin to live the life you desire! This understanding of your true self will continue to advance you on the pathway to personal success, well-being and peace of mind. Self-knowledge is power. Find yours today.


Taster Session

This is the most commonly booked package. Take the opportunity to work on any situation, challenge or area of your life that you choose. Each Taster Session will be customized to your own specific desires and needs. Whether you are looking to work on career, relationships, addictions, letting go of stubborn habits, or any other big or small challenges, the taster sessions are an excellent place to get you moving in the right direction.

Eating Disorders & Addictions

Addictions are painful and debilitating behaviors that stop us from living our lives with any type of freedom. When we let ourselves become controlled by a substance or behavior, we put our personal and professional lives at risk. Our career, financial stability, family life, and relationships are challenged and suffer as we go through our own personal struggles. When unpleasant situations and emotions arise, we turn to our addictions to help us get through. It is important to learn how to understand what we are experiencing so we can begin not just to recognize our triggers, but also to remove them and replace them. I have transformed my own 20-year eating disorder as well as other addictions with the help of Veronica Leigh and Mia Mawdsley of The MawdsLeigh Difference. I can help you to successfully identify and begin to let go of these destructive addictions as well. Learn how to free yourself from these unnecessary addictions and patterns now.

College Preparation

Applying for colleges and getting ready to take the next step in the journey of life can sometimes be a complicated and stressful process, putting unnecessary pressures and anxieties on students and their families. There are many different challenges that arise as young adults begin to move forward in pursuing their ultimate goals and dreams. With a new and innovative approach to the application process, I am able to teach students how to achieve their goals, while maintaining a healthy balance within their education and personal relationships. Students will learn how to:

1. Bring a new level of self-knowledge into everyday life, to bring and keep in positive changes
2. Increase self-esteem by removing limiting beliefs
3. Work through personal challenges to achieve end goals - i.e. getting better grades, preparing for tests and interviews, lack of financial support
4. Decision making skills and tools to obtain and manage a focused goal
5. Address and take responsibility
6. Build positive motivational tools that can be applied to everyday life
7. Find and maintain a balance between education and personal life

Contact Information & Pricing

$900 for 4 x 2-hour sessions